Season 2018

Flights Lugano – Elba – Lugano from June to September 2018.

For info tel. 333.5209158 or 340.3494210.


The Airline Silver Air is an operator with license released by the Ministry of Transport of the Czech Republic since 1995 according to European regulations.
Since 1996 it has carried out flights with solicitude and dedication.

Over the course of the years Silver Air has operated on the Italian territory to/from Olbia, Cagliari and Palermo, thereby acquiring necessary experience within Italian Transport.
Silver Air is certified JAR145 and CAMO, both related to an airline authorized to provide maintenance on their own aircraft.

The aircraft used for Elba connections is a Let 410-UVP, bi-turboprop in the version of 16-seater + assistance and baggage hold. This aircraft is as a small liner, comfortable and spacious, one of the few of its category capable to operate on short runways such as Marina di Campo (Elba) with its 940 meters.
Although not pressurized, the level of noise internally is not particularly bothersome.

 aereo-silverair aereo-silverair-interno 

Silver Air has operated during the years 2009, 2011, 2012 and 2014 the seasonal connections with Elba Island with this same aircraft with 100% regular flights.

 aereo-silverair aereo-silverair 

An assistant is present on board in order to guarantee communication between cockpit and cabin in both Italian and English languages, even though by law an assistant is not mandatory for aircrafts seating less than 19 passengers.
The staff aboard receives accurate training on safety and are able to guarantee a valid support to the pilots in the cockpit in case of turbulence or in the event that a passenger feels unwell. Above all, this figure is there to assists with the safe transport of passengers with difficulties in mobility and un-accompanied minors.

This Let 410 can also be utilized for stretcher service (our kit is certified by the manufacturer) with the removal of 8 seats. This simple operation requires 45 minutes to perform.

The information and booking office of Silver Air is located at the airport of Marina di Campo.
Responsible of the office Mrs. Dina Peverelli (+39.340.3494210) – Station Manager Mrs. Barbara Cabras (+39.333.5209158)

 aereo-silverair aereo-silverair 


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